Friday, November 11, 2016

What did Jane really see in the red room? Was the light real or something of her imagination?

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  1. Most of the odd or supernatural events the reader sees in this book are up to the interpretation of the reader to determine what they are. Everyone can have their own interpretation of a novel and that doesn't mean anyone's point of view is wrong. At the time in the book when Jane saw the light she was hoping that someone or something would come to comfort her. She felt very alone throughout the first part of the story and I believe it was her imagination that made her think a man with a lantern was coming to save her. Jane is seeking the comfort of someone else and that becomes evident when the doctor was carrying her back to the nursery. Even in a dream-like state Jane thinks the man that carries her does it in a more tender way than anyone ever had. Everyone, especially children, want love and warmth from someone else and Jane was just seeking something that could give it to her.


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