Sunday, December 11, 2016

"In Our Time" Podcast- Shaun Edgecombe

Pros: The people talking were very educated on the topic and it was easy to understand. They made the connection to Bronte's life and her personality in relation to Jane's life. The people talking explained more about Jane's young life.

Cons: The people speaking were sometimes hard to understand. At times, it just sounded like mumbling when they talk at the same time. They also just quickly passed through topics that were important. Hopefully, people that are used to that type of accent could understand what they were talking about.

Something that peaked my interest in the podcast was when they talked about the importance of education of the Victorian Era in the book. They didn't touch on it as much as I liked, but they did mention it a little. They then went on to talk about the themes of Jane Eyre. 

Another thing that interested me was when they talked about Jane and Rochester's relationship. They said that it reminded them of a fairy tale or a princess. In that time period, readers thought that the story was almost like real life.


  1. It is possible that readers would consider that real life during the time it was written, due to this possibly being a common occurrence back then. Yet I don't believe that -all- readers thought this would be close to real life. I'm sure while a lot of readers may have found this story realistic and relatable to their own lives, but when it comes to the actual book and the reality of it I believe readers knew better back then. It does have realistic elements, but I think they understood back then the unlikeliness of the events of the book.

  2. I agree with the comment you made about the Victorian era. I thought it was a pretty strong theme thorough out the book, especially concerning religion. It also applied to a lot of the social standards and the class system of the time.

  3. One of the things I've found most enjoyable about the Victorian Era was how blunt people were during that time. You said fairy tales from the time are comparable to Jane and Rochester's relationship. Stories being comparable to Jane and Rochester's relationship now is unheard of. From a young age kids were exposed to what the real world is like and they weren't shielded from society like kids are now. Whether or not it was good to show children how the world truly is, I respect the Victorian Era for being so blunt with kids.


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