Monday, November 21, 2016

How Will Rochester's Past Affect Him and Jane Now? -Saylor S

There have been many subtle hints into the mysterious past of Mr. Rochester, and the audience has learned of some (Rochester and Celine, his brother, etc.), but what else is he hiding? Whatever it may be could greatly affect the relationship developing between he and Jane- especially if it is something serious that is catching up with him now. Will Jane have to deal with whatever that could be as well? Will it change either of their feelings for one another?


  1. I don't think that his past will affect Jane to much because he tells her personal things such as Celine. I think he secretly cares for her to much to not tell her anything that could hurt her in someway or another. I still think it might also be to early to tell.

  2. Mr. Rochester's past will make him more cautious of trusting Jane since he doesn't know her very well. It will also do a lot in determining whether or not they end up together. If Mr. Rochester decides to ignore his past, they will be fine. But if he is focused on what happened before, nothing will be able to grow between the two.

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