Monday, November 21, 2016

Will Celine Varens arrive back in the story causing more problems? -Christa Norton

In honesty, I believe that she will not return because it is just a side story in which Mr. Rocherster has lived. I think this way because the story is not about him but rather Jane's own past. And if she did return I believe that it may not cause much conflict because Mr. Rocherster is no longer in love or has any feelings for her. If anything there would be problems with his "daughter" but I don't that she will ever come back looking for her child.

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  1. I second your statement. I also don't predict her reappearing into the story- though, it would definitely add a twist to the plot. If she did reappear, it would not only affect Mr. Rochester and Adele extremely, but Jane as well. She is obviously now in love with Rochester, and if something that dramatic were to occur,that could dictate her emotional state.


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