Sunday, November 20, 2016

Why doesn't Mr. Rochester tell Jane who he is? Eli Weber

When Jane first meets Mr. Rochester he falls off his horse. She helps him out and he asks her where she works and she tells him at his home. Then he asks multiple questions leading the reader, and Jane, to believe that he's just a stranger. Later when Jane returns home it's revealed that the man she met was Mr. Rochester, why didn't he just tell her who he was? I would answer this, but I actually don't know the answer


  1. I feel like, at the time, it wasn't important. To Mr. Rochester, Jane was just a woman who was helping him out. There was no reason to reveal himself at the time, since right then he considered her as a stranger. Why commute with a stranger on a personal level when he had no intention of meeting her again?

  2. I think he didn't want Jane to know he was her boss because it would have made her act differently. Mr. Rochester acted as a stranger so he could see what Janes character was. If she knew he was her boss then she may have tried to impress him and make herself look better than she really is.


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