Monday, December 12, 2016

Podcast-Kaleb Vogt

While listening to the podcast I had some time to think. I not only thought about what was being discussed, but I was searching my mind for any questions I had relating to not only the podcast, but the novel as a whole. One thing that stood out to me the most that I couldn't get out of my mind was the thought of Jane Eyre being considered an autobiography of Charlotte Bronte's life. Throughout the podcast they discuss Charlotte Bronte's Life and its similarities to the novel. The whole time I was listening to this I was wondering why Charlotte Bronte would make her autobiographical in the first place. I'm not saying that her life story wasn't interesting or that her novel didn't include enough ideas of her own, but why did Bronte want to write about her life in the first place?

From what I've seen in the book and heard in the podcast, Charlotte Bronte life's was very difficult, like most people during the Victorian Era. Bronte might of been born into a family with at least some amount of wealth, but she lived through a somewhat difficult childhood. Two of Bronte's siblings died in her childhood and what kind of author would like to bring up those memories?

From what I've read in the past authors will normally write autobiographies to be remembered. Everyone wants their story to live on through the ages which Bronte's surely has. Maybe remembering her past and having someone that was almost a sister to Jane Eyre, Helen Burns, die in the first part of the novel could almost be seen as a tribute. Authors have many reasons behind why they write their novels and I've been wondering why Bronte wrote hers.

This video only touches on why authors might write their autobiography, but it brings brings up some points to why Bronte might've wrote hers.
Overall this podcast did a great job at helping me to think more about the novel. Not only did I finally get some time to think about Jane Eyre, but the podcast was very informative as well. By listening to the podcast I got a better idea of what Charlotte Bronte's life was like and how it affected her writing. The podcast also cleared up parts of the novel that were fuzzy to me and I enjoyed the conversation the people had with one another instead everything being like a lesson. The only thing that I didn't like as much was that the speakers skipped from topic to topic a little too fast at times.


  1. I also wondered about why Bronte would choose to write about her own life if it was so horribly depressing. I think that she most writers tend to write what they know. I think that Bronte probably wrote Jane Eyre because that is what she knew and felt the need to share it with people. She probably used it as kind of a group therapy. Bronte spoke to her readers almost as if she was talking to a friend. So she most likely just wanted people to know her story.

  2. I feel like Charlotte Bronte wrote this book with the full intent of showing her story. She felt the need to show what happened with her life to other, all the misery she went through. And I think she did to be remembered. With writing a book, a fantastic book like this one, with relations with her real life, she assured that she would be remembered even after she died. And she succeeded. Actually, including herself into the story may be the reason why readers continue to come back to it time and time again. They feel a connection with the author, something that doesn't happen often anymore.


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