Monday, December 12, 2016

¨In our Time¨ Podcast - Brittany Florer

- Gave in depth explanations to some of the things I had been wondering throughout the book
- They talked about the different themes portrayed throughout each part of Jane's life
- There was more than one woman talking so it gave us a variety of different views on some topics rather than just one
- Gave a good summary of Jane Eyre
- It was hard to follow along at times
- They didn't go in to some of the topics as much as I was hoping they would have
- Long and drawn out

Something that stuck with me from the podcast is how much they describe Jane being a plain girl in the beginning. Living with her aunt Reed and cousins Jane never got the chance to express herself they way most children do. When Jane was sent to Lowood she got a better idea of what it meant to have family and friends thanks to Helen Burns. Leaving Lowood and arriving at Thornfield Hall helped Jane begin to sprout as a young women. There she gained confidence and a lot of it was because of Mr. Rochester. Falling in love with him changed Jane dramatically and by the end of the book it is clear that she has grown so much as a character. This podcast really helped me realize the journey that Jane had gone through and how much stronger and confident she had become.


  1. Yeah I think the reason Jane is so outgoing with her emotions now is because they were held back and punished for having them with her adoptive mother. I actually think in the book she said something about how she vowed to not hold emotions back ever again.

  2. I like that in this novel Bronte didn't decide to make Jane a stereotypical pretty girl protagonist from her time. Being plain looking made it so that Jane felt she had to prove herself. Not only in the novel did Jane Eyre grow up, but she accepted herself for who she is. This might also be another reason why she's so outspoken (feeding off of what Matthew was discussing).


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